Debugging Services

Debugging services using CakePHP can be done through the built-in CakePHP Debug Kit, which provides a range of debugging tools


The CakePHP Debug Kit includes a built-in tool for debugging errors and warnings, as well as a log viewer. The error and warning tool allows developers to easily identify and fix errors, warnings, and other issues with their application code, while the log viewer gives developers insight into any errors, warnings, or other issues that may have occurred during the application’s execution.

The CakePHP Debug Kit also includes a debugging console, which allows developers to interactively debug their applications. This console gives developers the ability to inspect variables, evaluate expressions, and set breakpoints. The console also includes an interactive debugger, which allows developers to step through their code line-by-line to identify and fix issues.

Additionally, the CakePHP Debug Kit includes a built-in profiler, which allows developers to analyze the performance of their application.

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