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Frequently Asked Questions

It's a usual occurrence that our clients have a few of their own queries regarding our services and how we proceed with their work. Which is why we've taken some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our service, and their relevant responses below.


Yes, of course. A big part of the reason why we have such a lasting business partnership with clients is that we are always there even when the initial project deal is concluded. Our dedicated PHP development team is always there for post-launch support and maintenance services if in case you wish to further upgrade your site or secure it from new kinds of online malware in the future.
In essence, CakePHP is the framework to go for when you wish to make the whole coding process a lot simpler, your website a lot faster and the whole development process a lot brisk. A flexible database access layer is what you get with CakePHP 7.x versions, which further bring more to the table in terms of making the most loaded business websites out there on the internet.
CakePHP is an open-source language that works on the MVC (Model-View Controller) framework and hence works on the MVC pattern. As a result of MVC architecture, it bears the simplicity of code which makes the development process a hassle-free job, but also instills incredible functionality to the web application. The power of MVC is unparalleled in terms of bringing the best out of the development procedure
Our clients are the flag bearers of this company, so we never aspire to keep them in the dark with relations to their project progress. So once you commence your partnership with BestCakePHPTeam, we shall assign a dedicated project manager who will exclusively work for your needs and will keep a track of all the project tasks on a daily basis. After that, he/she will be the one to deliver you a detailed progress report on a daily basis to keep your updated with the recent developments of the work.
That’s literally the beauty about using CakePHP for web applications and site development. The framework is used for the construction of a highly robust, light-weight and yet functional website, which further helps with improving the loading speed of your business site. Naturally, with better loading speed comes better site visibility and that further leads to increase in site traffic