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Why Use CakePHP Framework For Your Website Development Project?


Do you own a web application for your online business operations? Do you also then feel that it fails to perfectly represent your brand, and give your customers a true, unique feeling of buying from the most professional service providers that can match the aesthetics of the big boy brands? If not, then you’re not alone.

Many websites and web applications today suffer from a lack of engagement and viewer response simply because they are not anything to write home about, both in terms of their aesthetic appeal and their level of performance. However, brand owners who put their trust and resources into acquiring the best CakePHP development services never have to face any of these issues and in this article, we are going to explore as to why that is the case. Below, we are going to list the biggest reasons why CakePHP remains the best open-source web development framework for businesses even in 2020 and beyond-

Why Use CakePHP Framework

1. MVC Architecture:

CakePHP follows MVC or 'Model View Controller' as its product configuration design/pattern. The MVC pattern basically isolates your application into three significant segments. Every part is created to deal with various angles. The 'Model' is intended to help all information-related rationale that you work with. “View” portion revolves around assisting the process of data rendering that occurs on the screen. At last, the “controller” serves justice to its name by controlling the data that communicates with the “model” by altering certain parts of data as per the need!.


2. Flexible Extensions:

In-built customizable themes and extensions are paramount in building a distinct brand image that customers attract to and can relate to. CakePHP permits you to reuse certain portions of the source code which makes it a whole lot more time-savvy. By growing the usefulness utilizing these segments, practices, and modules, you can make a summed up library rather than Cake's expanding center libraries. This library can be shared between various models, controllers, etc which again promotes the flexibility of this incredible PHP framework.


3. Elementary Configuration:

It's one of the most significant reasons why today online business owners choose CakePHP as their preferred web development platform. With CakePHP, you simply need to deal with the database associations settings. Other than that, there isn't any piece of code or arrangement for which you have to separately define the area of the library or the particular URL of the site, theory making site configuration an elementary task.


4. Object Relational Mapping:

In simple terms, Object-relational Mapping means a programming method to further assist in the information/data conversion process between two incompatible frameworks in databases and item situated programming dialects.CakePHP is particularly known for its relational databases similar to Google Maps in a way that it helps navigate a particular data and further substitute/modify them.


5. PHP-Compatibility:

In spite of the fact that a good chunk of developers today feel the need to accept that CakePHP works just for PhP4, it's just anything but the truth. CakePHP can be utilized both in PhP4 and PhP5. The compactness subsequently gives another motivation as to why developers go for it. CakePHP sits quite compatible with newer versions of PHP.

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